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Why Us

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By eight months, a baby's brain has about 1,000 trillion nerve connections. By the age of 10,that number is reduced to about 500 the brain operates on a 'use it or lose it' basis , early experiences are the defining factor affecting the rate of reduction in nerve connections.

We have a specially formulated curriculum which stimulates children's imagination and fosters their natural curiosity.
We all work diligently to not only impart formal education but act as mentors to the students in moulding their personalities.
Our classes focus on the cognitive development in the early years of the child with the following Early learning goals:
1.language literacy and communication.
2.mathematical development.
3.knowledge and understanding of the world.
4.creative development.
Each child is unique and so in our classes the acquisition of knowledge has various media to enhance the learning according to each child's need. We encourage the children to discover that there is no distinction between learning and having fun. Our child centered approach towards learning includes visual/spatial, musical/rhythmic, and bodily kinaesthetic intelligences.
New initiatives have been thought of both in the field of education and purposeful learning which prepares the children to think constructively and creatively.
The more the stimulation children get through different senses, the better their brain develops.
Time is a very important factor in today's world. We equip the learner with basic tools of learning and provide them with advanced fundamentals of knowledge so that the learner reaches a stage where the child is capable of learning and solving problems at an imaginable speed . they learn how to learn and act beyond the prescribed curriculum and apply their knowledge to innovative and creative activities.
Here learning takes place through interaction,games, self expression, memorygames, communications and we ensure that the atmosphere is friendly and enjoyable for the child . we aim to create an atmosphere for learning and provide opportunities to the curious minds so that we can combine and improve ideas.
Ours is an educational paradise for small children which has an organised framework which includes the following components:
.structural( student –teacher ratio)
.process (teacher- child interactions, brainstorming, puzzles,etc)
Alignment( standards ,curriculum and assessments)
These components are associated with each individual unique child that enables us to polish our gems( the genius children) who will make us proud for sure.