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Brainstorming Sessions

Brainstorming sessions are conducted by showing visuals on a certain topic choosen for the month. Visuals are combined by movement therapy so as to enhance the learning process. This interactive session ,helps in building the knowledge, vocalbulary , confidence and awareness level of the child.
Children are encouraged to ask and answer questions related to the topic, so as to bring about a sense of confidence and alertness among them.
A young mind can store a lot of information as it is like a soft clay ready to grasp information , and we at our center are ready to give more and more knowledge and information to the curious lot, so that their desire to explore and understand increases in a very positive manner. Helping the child to think beyond the text is our motto, and projecting a difficult topic in the most simplest form is our mission.
The Objectives of these brainstorming sessions are to enable children to:
  • Acquire basic knowledge of the physical, biological, social and cultural environment in which they live
  • Understand the scientific and social concepts and principles related to their everyday experiences
  •  Develop skills of observing, collecting, classifying, analysing and interpreting information about objects and phenomena that occur in their environment
  • Think rationally and creatively, to be independent and responsible and to develop proper problem solving skills Cooperate with others and to work in group.

The children should be able to

  • Identify and relate easily with the topic taken up.
  • Discuss freely and confidently the topic picked up in the brainstorming sessions
  • Recall the content explained by the regular process of assessment and regular revisions too.