Bindu Batra

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Will there be any extra burden on our kids if they join your programme?
Burden comes into play when a child is forced to do a thing which he/she dislikes, here at our centre each and every child is working at their own pace and ability, hence the question of burden doesn’t arise.
How is your is your programme different?
Our programme is not  based on a classroom concept in which every child is taught a subject simultaneously, whether or not a child is interested .At our centre each and every child is working at their own pace depending upon their interest and with different subjects at the same time.
What is the main purpose of the programme?
The main purpose of the programme is to help the child to learn, explore, understand, analyze and reason out beyond the text with enthusiasm.
What does the child gain at the end of the programme?
The child at the end of the programme is nurtured into a confident, well awarded, well versed, and intellectually alerts smart kid.
Why was this programme designed?
This programme was started to help the parents understand that every child is a genius, keeping their interest in mind , in fact we should not judge the fish from its ability to fly, neither should we judge a bird from its ability to they both excel in their respective fields.