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Multiple Intelligence Activities

The following multiple intelligence activities will be taken up at our centre which would be inter- related to the other topics and activities taken up simultaneously.
Story time
Writing center
Listening center
Math center
Science center
Take-apart center
Puzzle center
Recycling center
Cooking center
Music center
Instrument center
Singing circle
Listening center
Background music
Nature sounds
Art center (e.g., sculpting dough, collage, painting, drawing)
Manipulatives (e.g., 3-D manipulatives, visual puzzles)
Block center, Media center (e.g., videos, slides, photos, charts)
Gross motor center (e.g. creative movement)
Manipulative center
Take-apart center
Imaginative-play center
Dramatic play center
Sharing/social area
Group discussion area
Small group area
Cooking without fire
Boards games
Puzzle time